A prática de Mindfulness na regulação emocional e na psicopatologia de crianças e adolescentes com autismo: revisão sistemática

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by difficulties in social communication and social interaction, while repetitive and restrictive behaviors are evident. It is known that individuals with ASD have greater difficulty in the field of emotional regulation, presenting maladaptive patterns when compared to children with typical development. Such difficulty can be associated with psychopathological symptoms, such as anxiety, depression, aggressiveness and delinquent behavior. Therefore, it is essential to study interventions that minimize these difficulties. In this context, several studies suggest that the practice of mindfulness can bring benefits both in emotional regulation and in the reduction of psychopathological symptoms. Thus, this study aimed to review the existing literature on this topic, dealing with the benefits of mindfulness practice in terms of emotional regulation and psychopathological symptoms in children and adolescents with ASD

Author : Sara Vizinho Cruz

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