APPDA Coimbra – Associação Portuguesa para as Perturbações do Desenvolvimento e Autismo

Short description

APPDA Coimbra is a local NGO. In 2002, was established by legal personality and full administrative and financial autonomy. It was also registered as a Private Social Solidarity Institution. MISSION is to provide specific and individualised services to Persons with Developmental Disorders and Autism (ASD) and their families, thus facilitating their autonomy, inclusion and full citizenship. VISION: APPDA intends to increasingly support and adapt the offered services to the needs of persons with ASD and their families and plans to be credited by its quality both nationally and internationally. SERVICES:
- Activities and Training Center for Inclusion: offers several pre-professional workshops and development of personal and social skills, as well as, whenever possible, the integration in socially useful activities in the community. In this Centre, we also welcome elementary and secondary students with ASD and/or other disabilities, supporting their transition to post-school life;
- Centre of Leisure Activities;
- Autonomous Residence: promotes living, occupational and autonomy conditions that contribute to the welfare and quality of life;
- Training Centre for people with disabilities, where there are long-term courses and continuous training;
- Social work niches implemented: The kiosk “CoMsigo”, The Platform, and the laundry “Blue and Wash”;
ERASMUS+, Partnerships for cooperation and exchanges of practices:
-The ChildIn project was awarded the “Good practice”.
-It was the coordinating partner of the ACTIvE project Job coACh, supporTIng school studEnts with Autism Spectrum Disorder,
- METER MATTERS - Proposal of Criteria & Model for Co-funding Inclusion in Sport
- JOBS4ALL – Strengthening the Employability and Key Competences of Young People with disabilities through the digital transformation and modernization of youth work.
- REMAUTISM – Hybrid System for students with RemAutism Over the years, APPDA has developed and offered services related to diagnosis support, therapeutic monitoring, referral and family counselling, social-educational training, and the study of ASD.
Our practices observe transversal actions that promote the sustainability of the Healthy Environment and the circular economy.

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