Arquitetura com Sentidos- Projeto de Escola Inclusiva para Jovens com Perturbação do Espetro do Autismo em Brejoeira

The school is understood as the space that occupies greater prominence in the first 18 years of life of every human being. Given this aspect, and the intrinsic right of each child and youth to education, it is proposed, with this investigation, the development of a school inclusive, that responds, physically, to all the needs of the most varied types of children and with the most diverse physical and/or psychological pathologies. At this core, this study will focus especially on the design of a school that will respond to the needs of children and young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. For such, elements such as color, light/shadow, materiality, exposure to nature, textures, physical composition of space, among others, will be analyzed in a general context, as well as as in disturbance, so that it is possible to understand how the environmental factors influence how you feel, work or experience space.

Author : Diana Isabel Lopes Baptista

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