Identificação dos primeiros sintomas do autismo pelos pais

The occurrence of problems related to social development is the best predictors of a future diagnosis of an Autistic Disorder. Speech delay, however, seems to be the main that reason that leads parents to seek assistance. The present study aimed to investigate the first symptoms observed by the parents of children with autism and the age that it occurred. Thirty-two preschool children participated in the study. The instrument used was the Autism Diagnostic Interviwed-Revised. Abnormalities in language development were the most frequent symptoms reported by the parents, but social impairment was the earliest that was noticed. The average age when the parents noticed the first symptoms was 15.2 months. The results corroborate other findings, highlighting the importance of social deficits for the early identification of autism.

Author : Regina Basso Zanon; Bárbara Backes; Cleonice Alves Bosa

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