Necessidades, Dificuldades e Preocupações dos Pais de crianças com perturbação do espectro do autismo

Information about the needs, difficulties and concerns that parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder face in their daily lives, and about the support they have at their disposal. It was concluded that families living with a child with ASD experience feelings of revolt, anguish, and a sense of loss of their dream child, especially during the diagnosis announcement phase. The entire family dynamic undergoes changes, to readjust their daily lives to the needs that a child with this condition requires. The delay in their children’s language acquisition and the lack of dialogue were the first signs detected by these parents. Families are less satisfied with the support provided to them, whether of an emotional, informative or financial nature, particularly with regard to the subsidies granted to their children, since specifying a child with this condition requires effort. additional financial.

Author : Maria do Céu Mestrinho

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