Participação e satisfação de pais de crianças autistas com a escola

Parents play an important role in the education of their children, with partnership with the school even more relevant in the case of children with special needs Special Educational. However, parents of children with Spectrum Disorder Autism (ASD) are less likely to be satisfied with their children’s school. Therefore, the objectives of the present study are (1) to analyze the perceptions of parents of children with ASD about the specific school structures that welcome them, (2) the reasons that condition your trip to school and (3) know your level of satisfaction regarding the communication between parents and the school. The results reveal that parents view the integration of their children in those units as important for their educational development; parents go to school mainly to find out about the progress of their children and/or to deal with issues related to your Individual Educational Project (IEP); and that the school maintains parents informed about different aspects related to their children’s education children. Parental perceptions are fundamental indicators for educators, a as they will certainly influence interactions with school staff and their decisions about their children’s education in subsequent years

Author : João Paulo Saraiva Santos

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