TENHO UM FILHO COM AUTISMO. E AGORA? – Estudo sobre a Perceção das Mães relativamente às suas Redes de Apoio

Caring for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a quite demanding task, which requires a lot of availability on the part of the parents and which that tries to transform the life of the family. Mothers, when assuming in most cases the responsibility of ensuring the care of the child, end up leaving aside their own needs. Embedded in their new reality, they tend to isolate themselves, which often results in their overload. In this way, it is intended with this study that mothers can do a self-analysis about their needs and support networks available to supply them, in two moments: before and after participate in a project dedicated to them and other mothers in similar circumstances.

Author : Irina Mil-Homens Silva

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